cutout from jmw turner: on the rhine - the castle

On The Rhine by JMW Turner

Welcome to the home of this beautiful painting.

“On the Rhine by JMW Turner”

This is how the painting is attributed to on the frame.

And it is what it is: only the attribution on the frame. This website is not here to claim that this painting is done by the master himself.

No, On the Rhine is simply a wonderful painting and it would be a pity to keep it hidden in the basement.

Therefore, I decided to make a website to share this great painting with the world.

You will find here many pictures from this painting. – Small shots from details and big, zoomable pictures. If you have a big screen you can even watch it in its original format.

So, please enjoy this small exibition. Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.